Kick-off meeting of the International Network on Quantum Photonics | QPhot

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Only days before the actual kick-off event which was supposed to take place in Berlin on March 18th, Travel bans and lock downs due to the COVID-19 pandemic forced the members of QPhot to cancel the meeting. An alternative solution was organised by the network management in order to initiate the network and begin the work on common projects. The Virtual 3D learning and working environments TriCAT Spaces was utilised for a meeting in Virtual Reality (VR), where all partners were invited. The meeting took place on May 14th with 27 participants, after some time to get familiar with the new environment, a short introduction was given by about the purpose of the network and the meeting. It was followed by the presentation of 19 project ideas which were collected in advance in 1 on 1 interviews between the network management and each individual partner. The owners described their idea to the audience in order to have a basis for discussion in the following virtual coffee break. Each participant was asked to get their favourite hot beverage in reality and mingle into the crowd in VR. The meeting was wrapped up with a poll, where each person could indicate up to five project ideas of interest. The emerging groups will meet in smaller sessions in order to further discuss the ideas, ultimately leading to cooperation projects with the goal of industrialising innovations of the 2nd quantum revolution. 


What is QPhot and who should get in touch with us?


QPhot is an international Network of 23 companies, research institutes and universities, dedicated towards the commercialisation of components, products and services related to the 2nd quantum revolution. Its members are spread along the entire value chain and have a strong focus on real life applications with a real product at the end of the day. The network is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy. If you are interested in becoming part of tomorrow’s quantum photonics industry or want to learn about opportunities and markets thereof, contact the network management for further information. We are looking forward to getting to know you!