Quantum Photonics


Quantum mechanical effects are the foundation of numerous applications in everyday life, examples being Lasers, LEDs and semiconductor devices such as microprocessors, computers and smartphones. However, these applications utilise bulk quantum mechanical effects where an ensemble of quanta is being manipulated and / or measured.


The control of single or few quantum states introduces a new era of applied quantum mechanics - the second quantum revolution. It enables novel applications in the fields of communications, computing, cryptography, sensing, medicine, material science and many more. QPhot is an innovation platform, rallying experts and leaders from across Europe to bring quantum photonics technologies from breadboard setups in laboratories to real-life applications and products. It keenly focuses on industry participation.


Our vision is to grow a long-term community of leading European minds, movers and shakers in quantum photonics which becomes the foundation of a globally competitive European position in the field of quantum photonics. Together we are merging expertise from different areas of the evolving supply chains with cutting-edge research. As a result, we envision the development of critical technologies for the fabrication of 2nd generation quantum devices and novel products and applications based on single and few quantum states.


The ultimate goal is building and strengthening supply chains and long-term relationships between the partners. We will be kicking this off through facilitating international projects within the public funding framework. The second objective is the industrialisation and market launch of key components, modules, and enabling technologies which will pose the base for novel applications, services and devices. QPhot will facilitate the generation of new ideas for products and services within the field of quantum photonics by identifying synergies and generating roadmaps from leading members in the areas of quantum technologies, optics and electronics along the entire supply chain. The resulting key components, modules, and enabling technologies will pose the base for novel applications, services and devices. From a global perspective, QPhot aims to increase the competitiveness of Europe in the field of quantum photonics.


The international innovation platform addresses small, medium sized and large companies, research institutions and universities, active in quantum technologies and / or photonics who want to be upfront in the emerging field and market of quantum photonics.

The scope lies in the realisation and industrialisation of novel methods, services, applications and products related to the second quantum revolution in the following fields: 

  • light sources and detectors
  • high-speed, high-precision electronics
  • integrated photonics and miniaturisation
  • industrialisation and automation
  • quantum sensing
  • modularisation
  • quantum cryptography and communication protocols 

Unique R&D projects emerging from the network, as well as synergies generated by the interaction of multidisciplinary partners under moderation of a professional coach in the field of intercultural innovation, generate competitive edge in the market and innovation.


Our network partners are small and nedium-sized companies and research institutions from all over the world. 


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