Dr. Martin Garbos


Project and network manager 

Phone: +49 7961 9256-281

Fax: +49 7961 9256-211


Martin joined EurA AG in July 2019 as project and network manager. He has a background in Nanoengineering, Physics and Biophotonics from the Universities of Würzburg, Vancouver (UBC) and the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light. Prior to joining EurA, he was responsible for research and development of optoelectronic sensors as head of the optoelctronics team in a large fluid control company. At EurA, Martin is in charge of projects in the fields of quantum computing, medical imaging, life science and process analytics. His mission is to facilitate and promote exchange within and beyond QPhot, ultimately leading to projects, novel technologies, services and products in the field of quantum photonics. 

The establishment and management of regional, nationwide and international technology networks is part of EurA AG's core business. With over 50 established associations of SMEs and research institutions, the company is the market leader in technology networks. The partners jointly develop solutions for current and future challenges. These research and development activities are supported by state subsidies. More information can be found at

Dr. Anke Lohmann

Director & co-founder of Anchored In (UK)

Phone: +44 755 7446362


Anke has been involved in the UK quantum technologies community since the start of the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme. She established the Quantum Technologies Special Interest Group to bring companies to the programme. In 2016 she co-founded Anchored In, to improve the adoption of science and technology by industry working with companies, universities and government funded organisations in the UK and abroad. Her focus is on quantum technologies and photonics. Since 2018 she is reviewing and communicating about the UK Quantum Technology Start-Up community to give them a voice and support this important and thriving part of the Quantum Technology ecosystem. Anke sits on a number of steering groups and chairs advisory boards.